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Rebecca Pow Calls for the Environment and Sustainability to Take Priority

Rebecca Pow MP has joined forced with the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) calling for the environment to be given a higher profile at the heart of policy making. “Thinking differently about our environment: a holistic approach to policy” is a collection of essays by MPs arguing that we can reap previously unrecognised benefits by embedding the environment in all areas of public policy.

The publication, put together by former environment correspondent, Rebecca, in conjunction with the CEN, was launched by the Secretary of State for the Department of Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid MP. He emphasised the fundamental connections between good environmental policy and positive outcomes and praised Rebecca’s enthusiasm and commitment to this area. Environment Minister, Therese Coffey also supported the launch, and in her speech she highlighted the track record of the Conservative Party in protecting the environment and reaffirmed the manifesto commitment to be the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we inherited it.

“Thinking differently about our environment” makes the case for weaving environmental policy into areas such as housing, health, horticulture and justice amongst many others. Working in this way can bring mutual benefits including for the economy. For example, in building well-designed homes, we reduce their environmental impact and also cut bills; in supporting our local green space we can improve health outcomes; and in encouraging good horticulture we boost economic growth and enrich communities. Rebecca contributed two essays to the pamphlet, one on the importance on harnessing the power of the environment in all areas of policy and one on the positive impact that gardening and horticulture can have on communities.

Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government said:

“I praise Rebecca’s passion and commitment to the environment and am grateful for all she is doing in this area for the Conservatives. Rebecca is right that this topic resonates strongly with young people and it must be given the attention it deserves.”

Director of CEN, Mark Holmes, said:

"The Conservatives have a sound track record on the environment of which we can be proud. It was the Conservative government who brought in the Wildlife and Countryside Act, created the world’s largest marine reserve and this government is at the forefront of efforts to tackle climate change. The views in this publication demonstrate that there is a very clear desire within the Conservative party to build on this base embedding environmental policy into areas including housing, health, justice and the wider economy. Polling consistently shows that the environment is a high priority area for those who the Party have consistently under-performed with and I hope the party will explore these ideas further."

Rebecca Pow MP for Taunton Deane said:

“As our population continues to grow there will be ever increasing demands on our precious land and natural resources. It is therefore more important than ever not to jeopardise the very environment on which we rely for delivery of vital services. More significantly a sustainable economic bedrock can be a catalyst for wider social equality to take root in our lives and I am thrilled to see so many of my colleagues come together to support this agenda. The environment must be at the heart of all we do not just because a healthy relationship with our environment is valuable, but because of the untapped potential benefits we’re missing out on. If we are to increase productivity and leave the environment in a better state than we found it, then sustainability must be part and parcel of everything we do.”


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