Backing Taunton's "Top Notch" Citizens' Advice Bureau

Lavish praise was heaped on the Taunton & District Citizens Advice Bureau by Mike Dixon, assistant Chief Executive of the Citizens Advice service at their AGM held in Taunton this week:

“You should be really, really proud of this CAB, the way it’s run, you’re being imaginative, the funds are in a good place and you are helping loads and loads of local people.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” said Prospective Conservative MP for Taunton, Rebecca Pow, who was lending support at the AGM.  “The services the CAB provide are invaluable and the army of employees and volunteers who work with such commitment and enthusiasm to help needy people in our area is enviable.” 

Mr Dixon was realistic in pointing out the challenges ahead for the CAB countrywide, with demand for their services increasing and budget cuts unavoidable in the face of continuing necessary cuts to public spending to curb the deficit and get the country back on track.  Improved digital contacts with clients and stronger links with other organisations will benefit the CAB but big changes are ahead, said Mr Dixon.  His advice to the Taunton CAB team was to prepare people over the next two years for the introduction of Universal Credit, the new system that will be replacing and simplifying the current benefits system:

“The current benefits system is a mess, like a rickety old Victorian house, you can’t get from one room to another, you get lost. Once the new system has been ironed out and the I.T. system sorted it could be a hugely beneficial thing for the country if we can get it right. This is the most ambitious welfare reform we have ever had.”