MP joins forces with Somerset Wild Life Trust

Rebecca Pow, MP for Taunton Deane, joined forces with the Somerset Wild Life Trust at a successful Environment Surgery in Wellington.  The event to hear views and discuss issues relating to the environment was a lively affair, attended by people of all ages from across Taunton Deane Rebecca said ‘Climate Change and protecting our environment is bigger than Brexit’.

With a background in the environment – farming and gardening field, Rebecca has worked on this agenda since her election in 2015 – making some significant achievements.  These include a ban on micro plastics in cosmetics and care products; extra protection for ancient woodlands; bringing in the Land Drainage Bill to allow the Rivers Authority to tackle flooding, tighter sentences for animal cruelty and she has urged the District and County Council to declare a climate emergency.

Rebecca highlighted this Governments positive record on the environment: cutting emissions, the one country in the G20, phasing out coal by 2025 and supporting the renewables industry, now employing 400,000 people.  “Our record is good – but there is much more to do and clearly those attending our meeting were keen to progress and make a difference to the planet with speed.  The right Government policies are important but so are own actions”, said Rebecca Pow MP.

“Government is leading the way and ensuring that climate change agenda is a top priority.  We can also all make life styles changes from shopping for local products, buying in season; insulating our homes and reducing our reliance on cars.  The benefits are that we support local producers, lower our heating bills and improve our health and wellbeing – small changes can have huge benefits.  Here in Wellington we have the Blue Panty and in Taunton Zero Waste Shopping in Taunton – fine examples of local people embracing change. And through the Garden Town status in Taunton - which I was instrumental in achieving, more cycling and walking routes can be introduced, open spaces in urban areas improved, and our wonderful country made accessible to all”

I have met with many groups across Taunton Deane: Taunton Green Parents, Grandparents for Climate Change, Extinction Rebellion and others to discuss this important subject.  Surgeries will continue across Taunton Deane and the next will be in Taunton in the autumn.

Many good ideas stemmed from this meeting including a suggestion for a traffic light labelling on clothes to show how sustainable they are; vertical growing of crops to save space and including nature as part of our education system.

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