40 Commando

Following a question I asked to the Secretary of State for Defence  ("I am delighted that the Secretary of State has seen fit to protect our amphibious capability—HMS Bulwark and HMS Albion —and their related technologies, both new and conventional. These are such crucial tools for the Marines. On that note, will the Secretary of State fully understand and comprehend the importance of 40 Commando to my town of Taunton in his assessment of future capabilities?" ), I wrote to the Secretary of State seeking clarification over the future of 40 Commando.

Today I received a reply from Gavin Williamson in which he was able to confirm that 40 Commando will remain in Taunton until 2028 and in the South West in the long term. 

I welcome this news and in response, I have invited the Secretary of State to Taunton to visit 40 Commando and Norton Manor Camp where he can see how much has already been invested.