Calls for Changes to Wellington Bus Service

Rebecca Pow MP has had a meeting with Wellington Resident, Debbie Pemberton to discuss concerns facing many locals now that the Webber Bus Service from Wellington to Taunton via Musgrove Park Hospital has been stopped following their closure, so that there is no longer a service that stops directly at the hospital.

Rebecca said, ‘I was pleased to meet Debbie to understand both Debbie’s concerns and those of many others first hand. Debbie has worked hard to gather together a petition calling for the relevant bus to be reinstated and clearly many people feel strongly about this issue.  After a full discussion I agreed that I will request a meeting with First Bus at which I will present the petition and ask them to consider whether there is any way we can help those affected by the lack of a service calling at the hospital.  First Bus is a private company and whilst I cannot order them to reinstate the service perhaps there is some mileage in adapting a current service to take in the hospital stop.’

If you would like to sign the petition, then please visit Paws and Claws, 12 High Street, Wellington.