Elderly Club for the Young at Heart

In a bid to try and encourage activities for our increasing elderly population, Prospective Conservative MP for Taunton Deane, Rebecca Pow, joined the Young at Heart Club for one of their regular sessions held in Burlescombe village hall. The recently established club, run by Diana and Lloyd Yorke is open to over 60’s from all over the area, including Wellington and surrounding villages.

‘This club is proving a much needed facility for many elderly people who find they are often isolated and lonely. I joined in with a range of their most entertaining activities including the High or Low card game, and indoor skittles. With a nutritious lunch provided and transport I can see that for single people and couples it is serving a really useful purpose where people get out and make friends. So often our elderly, especially in more remote areas such as Greenham, Stawley or Appley, can become forgotten and I’d like to encourage clubs like this to help them get out.’

Muriel Lewis from Rockwell Green is a regular at the club:

‘It’s wonderful, so stimulating especially for the older people who can’t drive and are provided with transport here. All the games are good, a kind of occupational therapy and we enjoy talking to each other because sometimes people can go weeks without meeting anyone. It takes courage to make the first move to come but it’s definitely worth it.’

Bryon and Carole Shuker from Wellington are also regulars:

‘It’s what we’ve been looking for, activities, meeting people, enjoying the company. I would encourage more people to come. There’s nothing like it in Wellington’ says Carole.

Creating the Young at Heart Club has been a dream for Lloyd and Dina Yorke, who between them have experience in catering, IT and care work.

‘This club is going well and we’d like to expand into other communities. There seems to be a real need for something like this. The elderly are so often forgotten and we’d like to try and improve their lives if we can.’

The club meets on Mondays and Fridays at the Burlescombe and Westleigh Community Hall. www.youngatheartclub.co.uk

07704 040399